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Welcome To Our Practice

Located in the heart of Manhattan just a short walk from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, at BeRejuved we specialize in wide variety of nonsurgical face and body treatments to help you to achieve your health and aesthetic goals. Our philosophy is to deliver personalized, dedicated and professional experience to our clients in a signature format based on their needs. Our goal is to dramatically improve the aesthetics of face and body and enhance physical and emotional well-being.


Signature Cosmetic Procedures

At BeRejuved we offer a number of non-surgical minimally invasive procedures that are carefully designed and combined as needed to provide the outstanding results.

We specialize in Sexual Wellness and offer O-shot, P-shot, Scrotox, Bocox, Episiotomy and C-section Scar Treatments and Hormonal Balancing and Replacement, Weight Management, Vitamin Therapy. Our clients enjoy the results of PDO Thread Face and Neck Lift, non-surgical Breast Lift, non-surgical Butt Augmentation and non-surgical Tummy Lift. Additionally, we specialize in Dermal Fillers, Wrinkle Reducers, Hair Restoration, Chemical Peels and offer products for Professional Skin Care. At BeRejuved we offer friendly environment and outstanding professional care.

Our Featured Treatments

All of our treatments are minimally invasive with minimal or no downtime.

 You will look and feel your best!



The P-Shot, officially known as the Priapus shot, is an injection designated to improve or protect male sexual function. The injection consists of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is drawn from your own blood and is rich in cell... 

Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation is non-surgical procedure that creates a flattering figure and allows you to have the butt of your dream. There are few techniques that can be used separately or in conbination to achieve desired size and shape...


Shock Wave Therapy

The Shock Wave Therapy Treatment for Sexual Enhancement is scientifically proven to increase blood flow  and restore smooth muscle cells, effectively treating the underlining causes of vascular-related performance issues...

PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift for Face and Neck is a great alternative to plastic surgery. This minimally invasive procedure provides immediate natural looking results. The threads are made from self-dissolvable suture material...

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin infusions  and Vitamin Shots can improve energy level, boost immune system, detoxify the body, improve hydration level and treat hangover symptoms in less than 45 minutes...


Hair Restoration

The good news for anyone with thinning hair is that growth factors coming from PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth....

Weight management

Our Weight Lost Program is an effective and easy way to shad unwanted pounds and inches off without changing your  life style or adding exercises.  Take control with No Diet Diet...

Hormone Replacement

Hormonal Balancing is a great opportunity to postpone aging process, increase energy level, stabilize mood and improve sex drive. Bioidentical hormonal pallets are safe and effective ...  


We Take Pride In Everything We Do At BeRejuved Medical Spa & Wellness Studio

These Are Our Top Priorities With Every Client

Your Trust

Your trust is one of the most important priorities with all of our clients. We make sure that all our clients know that we value their safety above all else with all of our treatments.

Your Comfort

We go above and beyond to make sure all our clients are comfortable when visiting our office. From our spaceous waiting areas to your treatment we ensure all our clients have a relaxing experience!

The Results

All of our treatments are clinically proven to provide optimal results with zero to minimal recovery time. Our advanced treatments are sure to have you feeling and looking your very best!


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Here's What Our Client's Are Saying...

BeRejuved Medical Spa client testimonial

"I really enjoyed my time at BeRejuved. The staff was super friendly and my treatment was painless and I've never felt better"

- Scott P. 
BeRejuved Medical Spa client testimonial

" I recently came in for PDO Thread Lift. My experience was great and I love the results!"​

- Miranda B. 
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