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  • Eliminate discomfort

  • Eliminate pain and tenderness

  • Restore the comfort in the private area

  • Restore your intimate life

  • Improve self esteem

  • No downtime

  • Non-surgical

  • 100% confidential

Restore & Revitalize your private zone!

Episiotomy scar may be very uncomfortable and painful due to growing hard scar tissue that is inflexible and lacks elasticity. It can cause pain when you sit, exercise or have sex. Surgical repair would have the same healing process as the original Episiotomy including downtime and may cause same complications such as pain, edema, fistula, infection, and after words there is no guaranty that there would be no hard scar tissue formation.

We offer non-surgical Episiotomy scar repair (softening) by injecting PRP.


PRP injection for Episiotomy scar repair

PRP therapy for scars involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scar to stimulate connective tissue cells that create new collagen, promotes healing and regeneration of tissue, softening and adding elasticity to the scar.

Is Episiotomy Scar repair with PRP safe?

It is a safe non-surgical procedure that uses Platelet-rich plasma, which is a part of once own blood.

Is Episiotomy Scar repair with PRP painful?

At BeRejuved we use a strong numbing cream to numb the area, so there is no pain associated with the procedure. 

How many sessions of PRP injections are required?

Usually, 4 treatments are recommended, spaced one to two weeks apart.

What is the downtime after Episiotomy scar treatment with PRP?

There is no downtime after the PRP injections for Episiotomy scar repair.

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