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Long lasting non-surgical, and minimally invasive male enhacement treatment



  • Increase in penile length

  • Improvement of erectile function

  • No systemic side effects

  • Results last for 6 months

  • No downtime

  • More confidence

Pain-free, No Downtime. 


Bocox procedure is a specific method of injecting penis with Botox. Botox relaxes the muscles of penile vessels which improves the blood flow to the penis and improves erection firmness and increases the penis size in flaccid and erected state. 

Bocox works similar to how Viagra and Tri-mix injections work except that with Bocox you can be spontaneous instead of having planned sex.


In two separate studies, the injections of Botox was helpful to some men for whom Viagra and Cialis had stopped working.


Is Bocox procedure painful?

At BeReuved we use a very strong numbing cream and there is no to minimum discomfort.

When am I going to see the results?

It takes 5-7 days to see the results of Bocox procedure.

How many units are required for Bocox?

The Bocox procedure requires 100 Units of Botox. Additional units can be added if needed in 2 weeks when the client is back for follow up visit.

What is the price for Bocox at BeRejuved?

The price for Scrotox is $1200. Additional units will be charged at $14 per unit.

What procedures I can combine the Bocox with to maximize the results?

Bocox procedure can be combined with P-SHOT® which will help to regenerate healthy tissue in the penis.  Shock Wave Therapy builds new vessels to make the results more permanent. Also, normalizing hormonal levels will play a big role in sexual and overall health.

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Lev Zak
Co-Founder & Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

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